Günter Hoffmann, Immobilien
Günter Hoffmann, Immobilien
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München City
München City
EKZ Plauen
Leinfelden - Echterdingen
EKZ Rödertal-Park
Villa Esslingen
+49 (0) 7191 300975
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Günter Hoffmann, Immobilien imagines

The company was founded in 1996 and has established itself in the real estate industry as a real estate agency with heart and passion far beyond the region.

In addition to the classic rental and sale of homes and land in the regional area, our company has been specializing in the marketing of real estate across the upper price segment across Europe. Our customers appreciate not only the particular experience and expertise in all price ranges. High-priced properties are discreetly conveyed outside public real estate platforms.

The company GÜNTER HOFFMANN, IMMOBILIEN has now successfully marketed numerous objects: from single family homes to condominium, of office, hotel, industrial, logistics or other commercial buildings with shopping and specialist retail centers to renewable energy projects. For more information you may like to refer to the heading "References"

In a concern around the topic real estate, we welcome your inquiry.