Günter Hoffmann, Immobilien
Günter Hoffmann, Immobilien
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München City
München City
EKZ Plauen
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EKZ Rödertal-Park
Villa Esslingen
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  • Market-driven purchase price identifying of your objects
  • Reports

The search for the matching property is one of the most important decisions, for which we statistically invest the largest amount of money in our lives.

For professional handling during the search process for your desired object is essential to involve a knowledgeable expert to protect yourself from possible risks and hazards prior to the conclusion of the notarial contract.

With the sale of your property a proper market analysis will provide you with a high sales price. If the price is too low, you waste a lot of money unnecessarily. If the property is offered too expensive on the market, the property is the shop keeper. Especially at these high monetary values the assistance of an expert is essential from an economic perspective.

The valuation of your property is carried out by an association certified valuation expert for developed and undeveloped land, who guarantees a market-conform evaluation for your property.